The Highs and Lows of Motorsport

After returning to the pits and all the crew jumping into action, it was quickly diagnosed to be a major fuel issue.

The team thrashed but unfortunately didn’t make it out for either of their heats.

Grimson wouldn’t have even made the feature if it wasn’t the generosity of Team Nicastri.  The provided some of the vital parts to get the engine to at least start.

Once running, Grimson tuned it up as much as physically possible in the time frame but was still down a good 200 horsepower.  “That will have to do” state Grimson as he rushed to get his helmet on and get to the dummy grid in time.

Starting from last position in the A it was quickly evident it was going to be a long race with the #65 Rocket taken the green slowly.   Grimson however quickly worked out what was required to keep what horsepower the engine could produce and use it to maximum effect.

He started passing cars and before long was already in 10th.  With a handful of laps remaining Grimson wheeled the thing hard but smooth to finish a very creditable 8th.

“Wow just wow he stated after returning to the pits” “The thing handles really well and I just kept it flowing.  I had my own version of traction control tonight but it wasn’t by choice” he went on to say.

Car own Barry Kelleher stated “We’ll be back on Saturday night with Darryl at the wheel again and all the fuel issues sorted.  Congrats to Team Onley for taking the NSW title”.

Late Models return this Saturday night 4th January at Sydney Speedway.